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    Intensive Livestock Health and Production

    Taster of Distance Learning

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    to the distance learning taster from the Intensive Livestock Health and Production team! Feel free to explore the files, books and videos included below: these are tasters of just some of the material available through our courses. All of our RVC-led courses are run through our E-learning Environment, which is known as 'Learn'

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    What is E-learning ?


    Online distance learning delivery, or e-learning, allows participants to study for their qualification alongside work and family responsibilities from anywhere in the world.Participants have access to virtual learning tools, including online library access, discussion forums, and multimedia resources.  All of these can be accessed from a standard computer at the user’s home or workplace, and via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

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      Examples of our course material

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      Key readings on our courses are divided into books with chapters, illustrations and exercises to complete as you go along, our learning management system tracks your progress through this material and there is frequent opportunity for interaction with tutors and other students along the way. Below are a few examples of our course material presented in book format.

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      Multimedia examples

      Multimedia content is as key part of our courses and presentations featuring; video, audio and interactivity allow our expert teachers to disseminate their knowledge to distance learning students in a user friendly and accessible way.

      Below are some samples of different multimedia assets which feature within our courses.  

      Presentation - LA-MRSA and pig farms lecture by Prof Lloyd  

      Excerpt from Prof Lloyd's presentation on LA-MRSA in pig farms This is an example of a standard slides driven presentation format, the recorded presentation's functionality is enhanced through the ability to jump to specific slides or search for key words. Quiz questions are also used as a device to re-enforce the teaching material covered and to stimulate thought.  

      Presentation - Biosecurity and pig farms part 1 

      This presentation provides an overview of some key biosecurity concepts and considerations described through the commentary of an expert speaker and enhanced by supporting graphics, photographs and videos. Both theoretical and practical examples of good/bad biosecurity practices are presented in a multimedia format, which includes some real life examples recorded on-farm.

      Video - Food for thought - the truth about food systems _  Week 2 part 3 

      This is one video that formed part of our three week introductory course aiming to provide an overview of the food system and the role of livestock farming within it. This was contained within week two of the course which was focused on the role of economics within the food system and this video introduces some key terminology and looks at some of the costs involved in producing pork products 

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      More Information 

      Our distance learning courses are aimed at individuals working in the agri-food sector, including those working in animal production jobs and retail jobs. The programme is also suitable for animal scientists, veterinary surgeons and other veterinary para-professionals supporting intensive livestock health and production. There is a lot of flexibility in the courses we offer and we currently have students working towards Postgraduate Certificate, MSc and Professional Doctorate qualifications through our programmes. We also offer a range of short modules starting though out the year that can either be taken independently and used to earn CPD credit, or incorporated into a study program for a postgraduate qualification.
      See http://www.rvc.ac.uk/ilhp for more details and feel free to email us with any questions you may have.